Cheech & Chong’s: Kush Kingdom

Welcome to Cheech & Chong’s Kush Kingdom! Solve match-3 puzzles and help the stoners build a paradise. A primo adventure is calling you!

On this far out journey you’ll solve exciting puzzles, unlock dope new areas, play weekly events and score groovy prizes to decorate Cheech and Chong’s pad. There are thousands of reefer fueled levels just waiting for you to explore! Join now!

– A far out match 3 gameplay with trippy levels for both master smokers and new to the genre players!

– Win primo new prizes from events!

– Unlock and blast powerful boosters!

– Play bonus levels to win loads of coins and special treasures!

– Open chests for a chance to win coins, boosters, unlimited life and power-ups!

– Explore the mansion, the weed garden, and many more far out areas!

– Decorate rooms inside Cheech & Chong’s very own house!