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"WordJong is beginner friendly, but provides a fun challenge on any level, and the educational aspect makes the time you spend playing guilt-free!!"  - Game Tunnel

Enter the lush world of WordJong, a colorful mix of Mahjong and spelling game! WordJong gives you letter tiles you remove from the board Mahjong-style to spell big words for bonus points. Three unique ways to play -- Classic, Versus or Link mode -- will keep you spelling for hours. Each set of tiles is a new game to play, with dozens of tile layouts to enjoy.

It contains these great features:

Build Words Mahjong Style: Build words using tiles you remove from the board! Longer words mean big Token bonuses

Classic Mode: Build words to clear the board. Use Jade and Wild tiles wisely to uncover your fortune

Link Mode: The last letter of your word becomes the first of the next word

Play against opponents in Versus Mode: Challenge a friend, or a clever cast of in-game WordJong Masters

Collect virtual treasures: Earn butterflies and rank icons, unlock WordJong Master opponents

Rich graphics & sounds: Enjoy lush backgrounds, charming character graphics, and soothing music

Big Bonus Tiles: Use special Jade tiles to rack up double Tokens

Free to Try For 60 Minutes, Only $19.95 To Buy.

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