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Download and Try For Free Slingo Deluxe




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Slingo is the unique and exciting combination of classic favorites Bingo and Slots. It was first developed as a traditional 5-reel slot machine in 1995 and then one year later, it became one of the biggest multiplayer online games on America Online. This new Slingo is the very first downloadable version of the game that will let you play without being online. It features sharp graphics, saved stats, top ten lists, custom backgrounds plus a brand new challenging game mode "PATTERN"!. The Slingo experience appeals to anyone who enjoys playing games, winning prizes and having fun!

The new SLINGO Deluxe game contains a number of great features:

Easy To Play!

  • Easy to learn, but deceptively addictive. How high a score can you get?

3 Exciting New Versions!

  • Classic - new version of one of the most popular games on the internet.
  • Mixed Matrix - A brain-teaser - how fast can you find the scrambled numbers?
  • Patterns - a real challenge with 30 patterns to be sequentially matched
  • All game modes with multiple Joker bonuses!

Change Background Screens!

  • Select from a number of built in background screens
  • Add your own custom backgrounds or even photos to the game

Play At Your Own Pace!

  • Set the Variable Spin Timer to fast, medium or slow

All New Score Tracking!

  • Tracks your game scores
  • Records your all time high game scores
  • Ranks you among your competitors
  • Keeps separate scores for each game version

New Game Options!

  • Full Screen or Window
  • Sound Controls (on/off/volume)

It is easy to Download Slingo Deluxe, Play Slingo Deluxe for 60 Minutes and then if you like it, Unlock and Buy Slingo Deluxe.

Free to Try For 60 Minutes, Only $19.95 To Buy.

try it for free!    buy the game   send as gift  play online

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