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The Poker Superstars Are Back!


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Funkitron Launches Season 2 of Poker Superstars!


The Poker Superstars Are Back For More!

You've been invited back for Season 2! Poker Superstars II raises the stakes with more superstars, a bigger tournament and a brand new poker AI. Import your own photo into the game and become a Poker Superstar. Then get ready to battle through an exciting new tournament structure against 15 of poker's top players powered by a 'first of its kind' artificial intelligence system that has learned to win by playing millions of simulated tournaments! The Superstars are ready to win, are you??

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Funkitron Introduces Funkiball® Adventure!


Funkitron Releases Brick Smasher Funkiball Adventure

Funkiball Adventure is an amazingly fun game that takes you around the world to recover some of the world's most famous works of art. Just smash the ball to break into their hiding places and steal them back! Can you collect all the paintings? Can you get 5 stars in each level? Can you reach Legend status? The fun never ends with Funkiball Adventure!

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Funkitron Publishes WordJong™!


Funkitron today has teamed up with GameBlend Studios to release WordJong™

Enter the lush world of WordJong, a colorful mix of Mahjong and spelling game! WordJong gives you letter tiles you remove from the board Mahjong-style to spell big words for bonus points. Three unique ways to play -- Classic, Versus or Link mode -- will keep you spelling for hours. Each set of tiles is a new game to play, with dozens of tile layouts to enjoy.

""I loved it! "  - Game Tunnel

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Funkitron Releases Poker Superstars Invitation Tournament™!


Funkitron today has released Poker Superstars Invitation Tournament™

Take on the masters of the game in this high quality No Limit Texas Hold Em game based on the Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament™ TV Show. Helpful tips for beginners, challenging computer opponents for experts, and great fun for everyone! Can you go up against 8 poker champions and beat them at their own game?

"We highly recommend this program."  -

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Funkitron Releases Boggle Supreme!


Funkitron today has released the Latest and Greatest Version of the Classic game Boggle.

Boggle Supreme game contains a number of great features, including 3 Fantastic Game Modes, both Classic (4x4) and Deluxe (5x5) Boards, Game Medals and Player Cards!

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Funkitron teams up with AOL to launch AOL Games Channel


You can now find Funkitron games on the new AOL Games Channel. Read the Press Release or read about it on

Funkitron launches Slingo suite of games


Funkitron has launched 3 new games, SLINGO Deluxe, 5 Card Deluxe and Bumper Deluxe on and

Funkitron releases SCRABBLE® Rack Attack!


Funkitron has released another great new fun way to play SCRABBLE®, SCRABBLE® Rack Attack on, MSN and

Funkitron releases SCRABBLE® Blast!!


Funkitron has released the new incredible way to play SCRABBLE®, SCRABBLE BLAST on, and

SCRABBLE® is #1 on Real!  


SCRABBLE® hits number #1 on RealOne Arcade!

Funkitron releases SCRABBLE® on Shockwave!  


Funkitron has released the latest version of the game SCRABBLE® to

Funkitron releases SCRABBLE® on Real!


Funkitron has released the latest version of the game SCRABBLE® to RealOne Arcade.

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