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Boggle Supreme is the latest and greatest version your favorite 3 minute word search game! This new Boggle is the very first game to include the amazingly fun "Boggle Blast" game mode. It is packed full of great features, including a brand new Computer Player named "Betty" to both teach and challenge you, player cards and top ten lists to save your stats, a full featured dictionary with definitions and the ability to add your very own words while you play! Boggle Supreme is a fantastic game for anyone who is looking for a fun break or a wordy challenge.

Classic Fun!

  • Easy to learn, a challenge to master, but always fun to play!

3 Exciting Game Modes!

  • Solitaire - Play solo and see how high you can score!
  • Compete - Play against "Boggle Betty" the latest in Boggle Computer Players!
  • Blast - A brand new addictive way to play Boggle!

Play On Both Classic and Expert Boards!

  • Classic Board is the famous 4x4 grid.
  • Deluxe Board is the more challenging 5x5 grid.
  • Play all Game Modes on either board!

Superb Dictionary Support!

  • You can get definitions for almost all the words played just by clicking on them in the Score Pad.
  • You can also download additional dictionaries to play in other languages, or even use the SCRABBLE dictionary.
  • You get a User Dictionary that you can add any word to as you play. Simply hit the Add Button when you have a word that you just know is a word but the game doesn't have in it's dictionary.

Player Cards!

  • Track all your game scores with Funkitron's unique Player Card System.
  • Your game card will change based on your rank. Can you get a "Master Card"?
  • A separate game card is saved and tracked for each game mode.

Boggle Medals!

  • Boggle Medals are awarded for great game stats. For example, get a 7 letter word and you will win a Silver Word Medal! Can you get all the medals?
  • When you get a Medal on your card, just click on it to see which medal is next.

Shake The Board!

  • Click and hold on the board and shake away!

Use Your Keyboard!

  • You can play the whole game using your keyboard. Perfect for entering in words quickly.
  • In Blast, the game will actually know the best word to play based on bombs and bonuses.

It is easy to Download Boggle Supreme, Play Boggle Supreme for 60 Minutes and then if you like it, Unlock and Buy Boggle Supreme Online.


Free to Try For 60 Minutes, Only $19.95 To Buy.


try it for free!   buy the game   send as gift

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