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The Poker Superstars Are Back!


Download Poker Superstars IIl For Free Try


download it


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Download Funkiball For Free Try

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Funkiball® Adventure

Funkiball Manual

Here is the Funkiball Adventure Manual

Update to Poker Superstars Retail Version!

There is an update to the retail version of Poker Superstars.

NOTE: This only for the retail version of the game, as in, games bought from a store. If you are using a download version, downloaded from a game site, you already have the update.

You can get the Update to the Retail Version Of Superstars by clicking:

 Update To Retail Version Of Poker Superstars

need some help?

problems uninstalling?

If you are having problems uninstalling the game, follow these steps:

1. Look for the directory where the game is installed, usually somewhere in c:\program files\funkitron or c:\program files\"the site you bought it from".

2. When you find the directory that has the game, look in it and find for a program unwise.exe. Run (double click) this to uninstall the game.


Is the game minimizing itself for some reason? Are you having other strange problems? It may be Spyware.

Spyware, or programs that install themselves without you knowing it, have become a real problem lately. Frequently, if your machine is acting slower than usual, or just generally acting weird, it may because of one or many of these programs running in the background messing things up. We have found out that Microsoft's new AntiSpyware program to be really good at getting rid of these things.

You can get it here:

Microsoft® Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) on the web site.

Download it, Install it, and Run it. It will help make sure your machine is not "infected".

billing questions?

  • Need to re-enter your registration code?
  • Need to copy game to another computer?
  • Lost your registration code?
  • Have a credit card question?

Visit this site: Trymedia Customer Support

It has all the answers to these questions.

need to retrieve activation codes and download links?

For example, you can retrieve an order history via email which provides you with your all of your activation codes, and download links the associated products by entering the email address you used at the time of purchase from our customer support center. Simply visit and type the email address associated with your purchase, then click "Email order history".

problems running games?


Many problems can be solved simply by updating your Direct-X driver (the thing that lets games play on your computer). This is a Microsoft product and can be found here:

Update Direct-X


If you have Windows 98 and the game is crashing, you may have a bad or older device driver for the graphics of the computer. You can make things work better by trying this:

  1. In Control Panel, open System, select the Performance tab, and then click Graphics
  2. Drag the slider to change the Hardware acceleration setting down to 1 above none.
  3. Reboot.


There was a problem with the initial SCRABBLE Version on Yahoo, it is missing some files that help Windows 98 compatibility. If you are having problems, download and run the patch for this version of the game. Note: Only do this if you have the Yahoo version.

1. Click here: Download The Yahoo Scrabble Patch

2. Click the "Open Button" when the dialog box appears:

3. That's it!


Sometimes, display drivers for XP may not be working correctly. For a quick fix, try this:

1. Right-click the program icon on your desktop or the shortcut on the Start menu for the program you want to run, and then click Properties.
2. Click on Compatibility on the tabs at the top of the window that appeared.
3. Check the box that says: "Run this program in compatibility mode for:".
4. Select Windows 98/Windows ME from the drop-down menu.
5. Check the box that says "Turn off advanced text services for this program".
6. Click APPLY.
7. Click OK.

Now, run your program.

If you still cannot use your program, repeat Steps 1 and 2 above, checking the "640x480" and "256 Color" boxes as well. Then continue with steps 6 and 7.


Some particular Laptop with Radeon Mobility graphic chips may have a problem running SCRABBLE and SCRABBLE Blast in that they "time out" after around 20 minutes of play. There are two ways to get around this:

1. Try running the game in windowed mode and not full screen. This should fix the problem. To change the display, select the options button and selected the window, then hit okay.

2. Update your drivers for your Radeon Mobility graphic chip. You can find updated drivers at your laptop's manufacture's website.

Sony Support

HP Support

Gateway Support

DELL Support

Boggle® Dictionaries

Click here to download additional Boggle Dictionaries

SCRABBLE® Dictionaries


Here is the SCRABBLE Manual


The dictionary included with SCRABBLE®  is the North American Official Scrabble Dictionary.

If you would like to use different dictionaries with SCRABBLE® just download the dictionary you would like and then follow the directions below.

SOWPODS.Lexicon.daw note: This dictionary has been fixed!



To install:

1. Click on the dictionary you would like to use.

2. Save it to MavenOSPD3 directory where you installed the game. Usually, "C:\Program files\Funkitron\Scrabble\MavenOSPD3"

3. Go to that directory and rename the Lexicon.daw file in that directory to "Original.Lexicon.daw"

4. Rename the dictionary you would like to use to "Lexicon.daw"

And now you can start the game and it will use that dictionary. To switch to another one, just rename which ever one you would like to use "Lexicon.daw"

still need help?

If you need help with your game...

1. First Contact The Site You Bought It From

First, contact the site where you bought the game from. They can usually solve most problems.

    MSN or

    Oberon Games

2. Then, for SCRABBLE or BOGGLE games, contact ATARI

ATARI is the company that publishes the SCRABBLE and BOGGLE games. You can contract them at

3. And finally, you can contact us here at Funkitron global support headquarters! ;)

We'll be happy to help!

But, for Account, Credit Card and Registration Issues, first check out the Trymedia Customer Support

Contact Funkitron Support

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