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Congrats, you've just discovered the first brick busting game that lets you hit the ball!

The world's most famous paintings have been stolen! Can you smash your way into their hiding places and steal them back?

Funkiball Adventure is an amazingly fun brick busting game that takes you around the world to recover some of the world's most famous works of art. Just smash the ball to break into their hiding places and steal them back! Can you collect all the paintings? Can you get 5 stars in each level? Can you reach Legend status? The fun never ends with Funkiball Adventure!

It contains these great features:

  • Fantastic Action! - For the first time, Hit and Smash the ball just by clicking the mouse. Smash through the bricks and be ready to catch the loot you discovered.

  • Amazing Adventure! - Travel around the globe searching for 10 of the world's greatest works of art. Can you collect them all?

  • Always Exciting! - Each spot on the globe features different game play elements, graphical style and interactive music - so the excitement and fun builds as you play.

  • Long Lasting Fun! - Each level is designed to be re-playable through multiple different goals. Can you get all 5 stars on each level?

  • Fun For Everyone! - 3 different Player Profiles (kid, casual and gamer) makes it 'fun for the whole family'!

So grab your paddle, power it up and get ready to smash lots of bricks!

Free to Try For 60 Minutes, Only $19.95 To Buy.

try it for free!   buy the game   send as gift

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