Cascade Wins Gamezebo’s Best 5 Games Of July!



July has 31 days. The App Store and Google Play have a combined 31 bajillion* games. Coincidence? We think not.

Plenty of games this month, but only a few can be the very best. Here are our picks for the five best games in the mobile universe that we checked out in July 2014.


Think you’ve seen everything match-3 has to offer? Think again! The latest from Big Fish Games and develop Funkitron, Cascade puts a slot-machine twist on the formula that gives it a much needed refresh.


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Stop! Hammer Time!

JasperWebJasper has a new trick to share with you! The Hammer is available now in all levels after level 10.

Looking for a change of pace? Try out the updated Daily Challenge! Team up with your friends and see how your team does at head-scratching gem puzzles!

 Come check out our new improvements!



A New Twist on Gem Collecting in the Hidden Temple!

Exciting news, Cascaders!

Today Jasper dug his way into the Hidden Temple. You’ve gotten good at collecting gems but can you collect gems of specific colors with Bronze the Jaguar? Come and explore 15 new fun-filled puzzles!

Feeling brave? Test your mettle against the new Daily Challenge Mode. It’s a fun new brain-twister every day!

See it all in game now!




The Adventure Continues at the Mystery Beach!

MonkeyWebBubble01Hello, Cascaders! You may have beaten the Diamond Glacier but your adventures are still far from over!

Jasper has discovered a mysterious beach! The Mystery Beach has a tricky new obstacle in Triple Hit Stones. Join Jasper and Sterling the Monkey for 15 exciting new levels!

That’s not all! Starting on Land 2: Cascade Lakes you will now be able to enjoy a new Daily Spin to win tricks and boosts with Bronze the Jaguar!

Continue the gem adventure!

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