Cascade: Chill Out in the Past!

Jasper travels into the distant past to the Ice Age! 15 icy new brain teasers await!

And there’s more!

Keep an eye out for the new Dig Spots! You’ll find these awesome treasure troves hidden all over the map. Find them and you’ll get loads of gems, gold, and other special surprises!




Cascade: Portals in the Northern Lights and More Exciting Content!

Hello, Cascaders! Jasper has been busy and so have we! Cascade 1.5 is our largest update yet. There’s more to do in your adventure now than ever before! Check out all these sparkling new features:

• All levels have three new Special Gems … Green Leaves, Blue Water Drops, Red Flames. Match and collect them all!
• Keep your eyes peeled for mysterious new Discoveries in each land. What do they do? Find and use Explorers to unlock their secrets!
• Check in daily to complete the Quick Quest for big prizes. Can you beat them before time runs out?
• Secret Tunnels will take you off the beaten path to cool new, brain-scratching puzzles. Find them all!
• Jasper continues to travel onward and his journey has taken him to see the Northern Lights and a mischievous Narwhal! It’s fifteen new levels with a puzzling new feature: Portals!



Cascade: Join the Party at the Great Wall!

There is a party at the Great Wall and everyone is here! Come check out 15 new puzzling levels and reunite with some old friends!

Stuck in Land 5, Jungle Gems? Vines got you down? Jasper’s been busy weeding those vines, and they’re not nearly as mean as before. Get the new update and check out the new landscaping!

Happy gaming!