Mysterious Makers and Glistening Gold in the Lost Castle!

We are releasing onLionWebBubble01e of our biggest updates yet, so come check it out!

We are happy to announce the Gold Mine and an exciting new feature: Cascade Gold. Now every Star you earn in the game will reward you with Gold to buy more lives, spins, tricks, boosts… anything in the game you’d need on your gem adventures.  When you update you will get 500 free gold as a gift from us to help you get started. Awesome!

And there’s more! There are 15 new levels to explore! Join Jasper and King Cascadus the Lion in the Lost Castle to solve the mystery of the new Makers and get all the gems! …and all the Gold!



Amber Discovered in the Autumn Forest!

Jasper has found himself in a sticky situation in the new Autumn Forest. See if you can help out in 15 new puzzling puzzles full of Amber!

Be sure to check out the new Daily Deals. Each day is a new deal with bundles, discounts and surprises!

The game is now available in French and German!



Crack into a Coconut in the Oasis!

MonkeyColorv2smallHappy Holidays, Cascaders!

We are happy to tell you that today Jasper discovered the Oasis! Come along and play with coconuts that are all full of surprises in 15 new fun, challenging new levels.

Do you get 3 stars in every level? Now get something in return with Star Cards! Win tricks, boosts and score bonuses, even shorter life refill coconuttimers, just by earning Stars!

You asked, we listened! You now have two new ways to extend your play time for even more gem hunting fun. Bonus lives gives 11 lives to help you crush that challenging level you are working on while 2 hours of infinite lives is perfect for when you just want to relax and play.

These new fun features are here now so be sure to check them out!



Vine Makers Hidden in the Labyrinth!

Enjoy bursts? Burst Gems are now more powerful than ever! Match a large group of a single gem color to make Burst Gems. Use them against those nefarious vines, stones, bombs, and other obstacles to show ’em who’s boss!

And there are more adventures coming today. Join Jasper as he explores the Labyrinth with a burly bull. It’s 15 puzzling new levels with a new twist on vines!



Stop! Hammer Time!

JasperWebJasper has a new trick to share with you! The Hammer is available now in all levels after level 10.

Looking for a change of pace? Try out the updated Daily Challenge! Team up with your friends and see how your team does at head-scratching gem puzzles!

 Come check out our new improvements!