Join the Party at the Great Wall!

There is a party at the Great Wall and everyone is here! Come check out 15 new puzzling levels and reunite with some old friends!

Stuck in Land 5, Jungle Gems? Vines got you down? Jasper’s been busy weeding those vines, and they’re not nearly as mean as before. Get the new update and check out the new landscaping!

Happy gaming!




Vine Makers Hidden in the Labyrinth!

Enjoy bursts? Burst Gems are now more powerful than ever! Match a large group of a single gem color to make Burst Gems. Use them against those nefarious vines, stones, bombs, and other obstacles to show ’em who’s boss!

And there are more adventures coming today. Join Jasper as he explores the Labyrinth with a burly bull. It’s 15 puzzling new levels with a new twist on vines!