Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we get about the game

Interface Questions

Click on the Exchange Button. The Exchange Window will appear. Click on the tiles on your rack that you want to exchange. They will go up to the Exchange Window. Then hit okay. These tiles will be exchanged. You can also use the keyboard and type the tiles you want to exchange into the Exchange Window.

Click on the Player Card or the Change Player button. Select a card that says "EMPTY". It will prompt you for a name. Now you have a new card for a new player. Press Okay and you are ready to go.

Click on the Player Card or on the Change Player button. Select another player and hit okay.

Just click on Maven after the play, or press F2.


Advanced Questions

Unseen tiles are the tiles that you do not see on the board or in your rack. They are the tiles that are either still in the bag or in your opponents rack. You can see them by pressing F3.

You can see the five best plays by pressing F5.