Welcome to SCRABBLE Rack Attack!

Welcome to the newest way to play your favorite word game, SCRABBLE Rack Attack!

It contains these great features:

You get one rack of SCRABBLE tiles. How many words can you make with it?

As you get words, the SCRABBLE meter will rise. Can you get it to the DOUBLE WORD score flag? And then, the TRIPLE WORD score flag? Even if you know the 7 letter word, can you get enough words so you can score it as a TRIPLE WORD score?

One Rack lets you play with one rack of tiles. How high can you score with them before they run out?

Rounds feature multiple racks one after another. Each round will be unlocked by reaching the Next Round flag in the SCRABBLE meter, and in each round, this flag will get farther away!

Extreme is the ultimate challenge. Because, with each wrong word you get, you will lose one of your scoring slots. So be careful, you can't just type in anything in this game.

As always, Maven is there to help you along and teach you new words. Feel stuck? Just hit the HINT button and Maven will first give you the first letter of one of the words. Click HINT again for further hints. This is a great way to learn how to play, as well as expand your vocabulary!

The North American Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary is built into the game. So you know you'll be able to play QAT!

Definitions of all words! So when you play "QAT", you can find out what it means. ;) Just click on any word on the board to find out what it means.

SCRABBLE "Player Cards" track your top scores, your top plays, and your top rank. They also automatically save your game.

Top Ten lists lets you see who's got the top stats.

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