SCRABBLE Rack Attack Strategy

SCRABBLE Rack Attack is easy to play, and even more fun to master. Here are some quick tips for getting those big scores.

Get a bunch of small words first to get the Scoring Meter into the DOUBLE WORD score area

Get as many words as you can quickly, then work on the harder words after you've added a minute to play by getting the Time Bonus Flag

Look for 'PRE' and 'RE' and 'ED' and 'ER' and any other Prefix and Suffix you can find. Also, always look for 'S' to use at the end of any word to make the word plural.

Also, you can use the TAB key to put up your last word played. This can help you get these words fast.

The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary contains many interesting words you may not know. Try to learn these new words and use them on every Rack. Remember, you can always click on any word on the board to find out what it means.

If you are a fast typist, you can type your answers and it will be quicker than using the mouse. Plus, if you are not a great typist, this game is a great way to improve your typing skills, while having fun!