SCRABBLE Rack Attack Rules

General Game Play

Be the player with the highest final score.

General Rules

With a Rack of Tiles, see how many words you can form.

The Board will show Score Slots for each of the words from the SCRABBLE Dictionary that can be formed from the tiles in the rack.

Bonus Flags on the board contain bonus points. Try to complete all of the words of a certain length to get each Bonus Flag. Bonus Flags are computed based on the length of the word (3 letters =10 points, 4 letters =20 points, 5 letters = 30 points, 6 letters = 40 points, and 7 letters = 50 points) times the amount of words there are. So 7 three letter words will have a bonus flag of 70 (7 times 10).

The SCRABBLE Scoring Meter will keep track of how many tiles you have scored. It goes up based on how many tiles you score, so longer words will make it go up faster.

Bonus Flags on the Scoring Meter will increase the score of each word. The DOUBLE WORD flag will double each subsequent score. The TRIPLE WORD flag will triple each subsequent score. On timed games, the Time Bonus flag will add 1 minute to play.

Completing all the words will award the Bonus Points at the top of the Scoring Meter. This goes down with every tick of the clock, so complete the board fast for the maximum points!

Game Modes

You get one Rack of tiles. How many words you can score?

You get a series of Racks. Each round is unlocked by getting to the Next Round flag on the Scoring Meter.

A really challenging game. Each wrong word entered will 'X out' one of the possible Scoring Slots.

Game Options

At the start of each game, you will be able to set the following options.

Turn on the timer for a fast paced challenging game. Turn off the game for a slower paced, thought provoking game.

Pick your challenge level:

Easy: 5-Minute Game. Next Round Flags Lower. 250 All Words Bonus.

Normal: 4-Minute. Next Round Flags Normal. 500 All Words Bonus.

Hard: 3-Minute Game. Next Round Flags Higher. 750 All Words Bonus.