Keyboard Shortcuts

While Playing The Game

Key Action
Any Letter Select a tile for the word
Enter Play word
Backspace Delete last tile played.
Delete or   Alt-T Take back all tiles.


Shuffle your Rack
TAB Puts up last word played... so you can add an S, ER, ING, etc...
Alt-H Get Hint

General Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Action
Enter Will select default "OKAY" or "PLAY" on Menus.

For example you can start your last game quickly by hitting Enter at the Splash screen for "START" and then Enter for "PLAY" and Enter for "CONTINUE"

Escape Will select cancel on Dialog Boxes
Alt-Q Quit Game
Alt-O See Options
F1 Get help from Maven, keep on pressing for more tips
F2 Define last word. You get this also by clicking Maven after a turn
F4 Get Hint
F10 Boss Key - Save the game and shut down immediately.