Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we get about the game

Interface Questions

Just click the GOT IT Button on the Quick Tip window to tell Maven that you don't need the Quick Tip anymore

If you have made it to the Next Round Flag, and want to move on, press the END ROUND button. This will end the round and take you to the next one.

Click on the Player Card or the Change Player button. Select a card that says "EMPTY". It will prompt you for a name. Now you have a new card for a new player. Press Okay and you are ready to go.

Click on the Player Card or on the Change Player button. Select another player and hit okay.

Just click on Maven after the play, or press F2.

Yep, just press TAB and you get the last word played.

You can turn it off by clicking the OPTIONS Button and clicking the MUSIC Button.

You can turn on window mode buy clicking the OPTIONS Button and clicking the WINDOWED Button.


Dictionary Questions

The game uses the North American Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary, 3rd Edition.

The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary does contain many words you may not of heard of before, but that's part of the fun and challenge! See how many new words you can learn, so that on the next game you play, you can use them and get higher and higher scores!


Support Questions

Many problems can be solved by simply updating your DirectX, which is the program from Microsoft that allows you to play games on your computer. To update it, go to Microsoft's website and search for DirectX or click Microsoft's DirectX.

Trymedia is the company that handles the e-commerce side of the game. You can find answers to most questions pertaining to issues like billing or registration at their Trymedia Customer Support Site.