How To Play


The object of the game is to find and recover the artifacts and loot that were stolen and hidden by Dr. Fellowbug. It is up to you to find them steal them back!

Playing The Game

To start the game, just click to serve the ball. Then move your mouse horizontally to move your paddle back and forth and keep the ball from going into the lava below. The ball will smash the bricks above your paddle. If you lose all your balls in the lava, you will have to leave the level to get more balls.

Hitting The Ball

Funkiball is not like other games where your paddle is stuck to just letting the ball hit it and rebound off.

In Funkiball, you can actually hit the ball. This will give the ball more energy to do even more destruction that just letting it rebound.

To hit the ball, just click the mouse when the ball comes down. Try to time your clicking so you connect perfectly with the ball. The better you connect, the more powerful your whack will be. The sweet spot is a bit more than half way up the swing of the paddle (around 60% of the distance between bottom and top). When you hit the ball at the sweet spot, you will produce a Power Hit.

Smashing The Ball

To smash the ball, first click and then hold down the mouse button (don't release it). Wait until the paddle starts to charge up. You will hear it begin to charge and see it begin to glow. Note, you can still rebound the ball while charging. Then, when the paddle is charged up to your liking, wait for the ball. When it comes down, release the mouse button and smash the ball! 

And just like hitting the ball, the better you connect with the ball, the more power you will have. Hitting the sweet spot on a smash will produce a Power Smash.

Power Serve

Like smashing the ball, before serving the ball, click and hold down the mouse button. Then charge up, and let go.

Catching Loot

Some bricks, crates and jars may contain ancient coins and gems that Fellowbug stole. Breaking them open will release the loot. But now, you need to catch them before they drop into the lava. So when you see loot flying in the air, move your mouse to move your paddle to catch them, but don't forget the ball! And be on the look out for diamonds, as they are worth the most.

Gold Coin 100
Gold Brick 150
Ruby 250
Emerald 500
Diamond 1000

Power Ups

Occasionally, some things will drop out from the bricks. These are mostly good, such as Split Ball, Shield and Big Ball - but some can be bad, like Faster, Shrink Paddle and Small Ball.

Add Shield Adds a shield that will stop ball from going in the lava at the bottom of the screen. One ball is saved per shield active.
Faster Increases speed of currently active balls.
Slower Decreases speed of currently active balls.
Ball Catch Allows paddle to catch ball. Click to shoot ball. Note: You can still click to hit ball instead of catching it.
Expand Paddle Expands paddle size.
Shrink Paddle Shrinks paddle size.
Normal Paddle Makes paddle normal size.
Extra Ball Gives an extra ball.
Split Ball Splits all active balls into 3 balls each.
Big Ball Makes the ball bigger.
Small Ball Makes the ball smaller.
Lead Ball Makes the ball heavy and powerful.
Rubber Ball Makes the ball like a rubber ball, powerful but progressively gets faster.
Normal Ball Sets ball back to normal and removes paddle catch.
Increase Power Increases paddle's energy.
Decrease Power Decreases paddle's energy.
SURPRISES! There are a couple of surprise balls you may encounter...

Starting Balls

You always start a level with 3 balls on gamer level, 4 balls at casual, and 5 balls at kid level. Any extra balls you get in a level, you carry with you to the next level.

Paddle Power Up

Every 10 ball hits, your paddle will become more powerful. This means your paddle will hit the ball with more energy, and thus the ball will go through more bricks.

Uncovering Artifacts

On some levels, you will find artifacts (like a famous painting for example) that have been hidden. Clear all bricks off of the artifact and you will uncover it. Finish the level and it will go into your collection.

Finishing a Level

A level is finished when all the loot has been found and if there is an artifact on the level, it has been uncovered.


When you finish a level, you will be shown your loot acquired and any stars earned. You will be awarded stars based on certain goals, such as "Time" or "Only Using One Ball". It is fun to see if you can be awarded every Star!

Note, stars will be saved between levels. So each new star you get is added to your current star award.


On each level, a secret is hidden (a golden puzzle piece) somewhere in one of the bricks. Collecting them will open up bonus levels in The Lab. Every 5 secrets opens a bonus level in The Lab.


Beware of:

Strong Bricks Some bricks are made out of stronger stuff than others. Look out for wood and stone bricks that take multiple hits to destroy. There are rumors of bricks that can heal damage to themselves over time.
Reviving Bricks Some bricks come back to life after you destroy them. It's best to work quickly with these.
Falling Hazards Some bricks have dangerous things in them that you don't want hitting your paddle, including heavy metal anvils and dangerous bombs. Dodge these or hit them with the ball before they reach your paddle. There are rumors that Dr. Fellowbug is also developing a more dangerous type of bomb to guard his most valued treasures.
Indestructible Bricks Bricks made of metal are indestructible by ordinary means. Your ball also can't break through bricks with metal edges.

Things That Can Help You

Keep on the look out for:

Explosive Charges Look for bricks marked with red sticks of dynamite. These bricks will explode, destroying many bricks at once.
Keys Destroying a brick with a key on it will open up inaccessible areas in the level.
Ball Locks Lock several balls into these bricks and they'll be released all at once, for extra damage. Ball locks are also used to transport the ball into places that can't otherwise be reached.
Trapped Balls Some bricks have balls trapped inside them. Destroy the brick to release the balls.
Inactive Balls Some levels have balls bouncing around, inactive and grey. Touch them with the paddle to activate them.



Other Screens


Here you can see where you have been and where you are going. Click on the map to change places. Click on the list of levels to change levels and see how you scored in them if you played them already. Click the play button to play the selected level.

The Lab

Here you will find bonus levels that will be opened up as you find and collect the necessary amount of secrets


Here you will find all the artifacts you have collected. Click on them to see information about them.