SCRABBLE Blast Rules

A Summary


Be the player with the highest final score.

The Basic Rules of the SCRABBLE Blast

Forming a Word

You play the game by scoring words on the game board. To score a word, simple click on a tile to select it and then click on another to begin forming the word. Press the "Score" button when you are finished to score the word.

Words Accepted

Only 3 letter words and higher are accepted.

Tiles must connect to each other, but can connect in any manner, forward, backward, up, down and diagonal.


Points for each word scored are awarded based on the following factors.

The number values on the tiles.

The bonus squares on which the tiles sit.

Note, if you combine word bonus squares, they will add up. So if you make a word that sits on a DOUBLE WORD and a TRIPLE WORD, it will add up to 5x the value of the word - a QUINTUPLE WORD BONUS!

Length of Word Bonus is as follows:

10 extra points for a 4 letter word, 20 for a 5 letter word, 30 for a 6 letter word, and 50 for a 7 letter word! This continues to escalate by 10 as you get larger words over 7.

But, you will find that the length of word is not all that matters. If you are able to get some key tiles, in some key places, a small word like "QUIZ" can be very valuable, and "QUIZZES" even more so!


The tiles are taken from a standard SCRABBLE bag. Blanks are included and are randomized as they appear.


Yes, you can exchange your tiles in this game, but in this game, the whole board goes away and is rebuilt with random tiles. You get one exchange per game, and one per level in the Puzzle and Action modes.

Game Modes

In One Bag, you get 100 tiles. No bombs, no tiles, just 100 tiles ready for you to make amazing words in great bonus squares.

When the tiles run out, they will shift to the right as space allows.

In Puzzle, you play through a number of different levels. In each level, you have to score 10 words to make it to the next level.

Bombs drop on every turn. If a Bomb reaches the bottom, it will explode and your game will be over.

Each Bomb has a number assigned to it. So, if you have a Bomb with a four on it, you need a word of four letters in length to explode that Bomb.

In Action, bombs fall faster and faster as the game goes on.

Each Bomb is numberless, any legal word will explode a Bomb.